“How I wish I could work for someone who inspires and challenges me to be better, someone who is great, someone to look up to. I know such people exist but I am yet to find one and I hope that one day, I can be that person” Shishi

Have you been promoted to a management/leadership position and have found yourself struggling to lead your team? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the leadership expectations people have on you? Do you know how to guide/counsel/appraise your team members in a professional way? What can you do to keep your team motivated and ensure they deliver on their targets/assignments?

ALF is a leadership development program that seeks to equip managers with the knowledge, skills and tools to thrive as effective, impactful and transformative leaders. The program is founded on the premise that weather you call yourself a manager or leader, your role is to manage resources, provide a conducive working environment that motivates, inspires and challenges people to do that which they are required to do willingly and to the best of their ability.

The program is modular based and focus on the thematic areas of management leadership. Participants once a week for 8 weeks. The sessions are facilitated by men and women who are industry leaders and leadership coaches with years of experience in the public and private sectors.

Why you should sign up

  • Sharpen your tools on leading self
  • Understand your identity & personality and how it influences your leadership  style
  • Learn from others how to be an effective leader and avoid the pitfalls most managers make
  • Understand the science of execution, stakeholder engagement, team psychology & effective communication
  • Learn how to brand, sell yourself and negotiate for what you want for you and your team
  • Gain the confidence and skills to thrive as a competent, transformative leader

What have others said about the prorgam?

” I used to look forward to the sessions, they were so therapeutic”

” I have been a leader for long and I thought I knew everything about leadership, but this prorgam has taught me so much”

“I like the coaching approach, the assignments are tough but eye opening, the content is great and you get tangible things to implement”

” The program helps  you highlight your leadership blind spots in such an encouraging way and then equips you on how to work through them”

” My relationships with my team members as well as my people at home has definitely improved over the period of this program”


Sign Up for The Managers Leadership Forum

Our next class will begin on  5th/7th August 2020,  and registration is currently on-going.

Classes take up a maximum of 12 so we can provide value to everyone; If you would like to book your spot, kindly sign up.

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