What is Adira Skills Development Program?

The Adira skills development program is designed to offer professionals and entrepreneurs with practical skills that will help them excel in their work and business. Every month, we offer you an opportunity to acquire skills that are necessary in your work place and business.

Venue: Online

As always, we offer you:

  1. A team of amazing facilitators/trainers/speakers who are well experienced in the various topics/areas
  2. Practical and customized sessions where you can turn the learning into action.
  3. A great learning experience (as long as you commit)

2021 Skills Development Calendar

TopicTraining Outcomes  
Effective goal setting-Learn how to set SMART goals Learn the
-7 key habits of highly successful people
-Get practical templates and tools to help you track your goals  
How To Hunt For A Job-How to make an effective application
-The ideal CV: What recruiters want to see
-Acing The Interview: Do’s and don’ts
-Mock interviews  
Purpose & Passion-Understand the difference between purpose & passion -Understand the vehicles of purpose
-Identify your passion and purpose
-Mapping your skills to align your purpose & passion  
Emotional  Intelligence-Emotional awareness: Knowing your personality
-Social intelligence
-Building self management skills -Emotional intelligence at work & in business  
Becoming a better communicator-101-Understanding the three forms of communication
-Evaluate factors that influence  communication
-Understand the principles of effective communication -Discuss the dynamics of workplace communication  
The art of public speaking & Presentation-Learn the do’s and don’ts of public speaking
-Learn how to create powerful PowerPoint presentations
-Learn different persuasion techniques used by public speakers
-Practical sessions on public speaking  
The Art of Networking-What is effective networking -Learn the do’s and don’ts of networking
-Learn the common mistakes of network
-How to stand out in networking forums
-Practical networking sessions  
Image Etiquette-Image etiquette: Creating a professional image
-Understand how to build a powerful wardrobe
-Learn the psychology of colour -Understand business etiquette  
Leadership  101-Difference between management & leadership
-Understand different leadership styles
-Understanding different types of team members/role
-Knowing your team role  
Getting the  right pitch-How to pitch for your business/project
-Practical sessions on pitching to clients & business partner  

We therefore encourage you to sign up soonest so you can sharpen your skills and work with confidence to achieve your goals and dream. *Ps, feel free to sign up to as many classes you want.

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